About Us

About Us

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Shrimp Farming How To is here to guide you with relevant information to start raising shrimps and tilapia as also on aquaponics. The information we provide is to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and individuals who desire to build their fish farms.

We have been involved in the practice of shrimp and tilapia farming for a long time now. The initial few months were not very easy because as we look back there was a knowledge deficit when we started. Everything was an experiment, so to say. However, soon we were able to buckle down to the task and get on with it. Over time we have managed to succeed in our venture. The presence of proper resources as we have mentioned in this website would have cut down on our learning time and made the path smoother.

We genuinely feel that freshwater shrimp farming, tilapia farming and aquaponics culture holds a great deal of promise. Aquaponics truly promises to be the future of farming. This website is of very recent development through which we shall try to share our experience.

Our only interest is your success and for that we will keep providing you with the latest and most relevant information and trends in our chosen fields of fish farming, that is shrimp and tilapia farming.

With best regards