Freshwater Shrimp Farming FAQs

Many people, even though they are keen to start raising freshwater shrimps, are a little hesitant and tentative at the start because of misconceptions about difficult it may be do so. However such misconceptions are mostly baseless. On the contrary, it is hugely satisfying once you start.

The following section attempts to provide very brief answers to commonly asked questions on freshwater shrimp farming. All these questions and more are answered in depth in the Freshwater Shrimp Farming Guide.

Q. Does it require high capital expenditure at the very outset?
A. No.

Q. Can it really be profitable as a business?
A. Absolutely. Many people start of freshwater shrimp farming as a hobby and later develop it as a business once they discover how profitable it can be.

Q. Is a large area or pond required for shrimp farming?
A. No. It can be an ideal backyard activity. However a bigger area is always welcome.

Q. Can freshwater shrimps be farmed in indoor tanks?
A. Yes. In fact indoor shrimp farming is gaining popularity across the world.

Q. How do I get juvenile shrimps?
A. Juvenile shrimps can be sourced from various hatcheries. Prices usually depend on the quantity ordered and the mode of delivery.

Q. How important is water quality?
A. Maintaining water quality is important. There are various criteria in determining water quality such as dissolved oxygen level, temperature, pH etc. Water quality is important in ensuring productivity and reducing mortality. All necessary details are covered in the Freshwater Shrimp Farming Guide. Many simple and easy to use water quality testing kits are available.

Q . Do freshwater shrimps freeze well?
A. Yes, provided proper procedures are followed.

Q. Are freshwater prawns susceptible to disease?
A. Generally not. However as with any biological product there is always a chance, however minimal.

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