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Pond Pumps and Filters

Pond Pumps and Filters

How to Select Pond Pumps

Pumps are very important in shrimp farming or for that in any fish farming operation. It would possibly not be wrong to say it is the most integral and vital piece of equipment in all recirculating aquaculture systems.

Pumps are essentially of two types : submersible and external pumps. The selection of the most appropriate pump depends on the size and scale of your shrimp farming operations. Generally submersible pond pumps can be installed very easily. However as regards efficiency external pumps score better than submersible pumps.

The most important factors when it comes to choosing pumps are their power consumption measured in watts and pumping capacity measured in gallons per hour. The initial cost depends greatly on these two factors. However it is important to keep in mind that greater efficiency is likely to result in power saving over a period of time. In order to achieve truly energy efficient operations it is good idea to go in for solar powered pumps either at the very outset and as early as possible in shrimp farming operations.

How to Select Pond Filters

Pond filters also comprise an important component especially in indoor shrimp farming operations. The functions of a filter are two fold: one is the removal of solid waste by process of mechanical filtration, and secondly biological filtration. A filtration system must be able to handle both requirements. Some filtration systems combine both mechanical and biological filters into a single system while in others the filtration occurs as a part of a two step process.

When choosing a filter it is important to remember that it is only one part of the system. The scale and size of the operations help to choose a filter.